The Wapping Group of Artists - Est 1939
Rosemary Miller

Rosemary Miller SWA

I was born in Leicester and have lived near Guildford, Surrey for most of my life. I originally trained in display and exhibition work and became a semi-professional artist over 15 years ago. Besides running several weekly watercolour classes, courses and workshops for over 10 years, I demonstrated widely in the South East of England.

I work predominately in watercolour enjoying its translucency and unpredictability. Although being known mainly for my watercolours I also work in oil, pastel and mixed media

Although I enjoy a wide range of subject matter, I have always loved colour, light, and complex patterns of shape and texture, and, therefore, my preference is for water, boats, moorings and maritime paraphernalia where these abound. Generally it is an unusual view point, subject matter or effect of light that inspires me. My career in painting has opened my eyes to all that is around me and that I had previously taken for granted. It has enabled me to see now what in the past I may have passed by.

I have been painting ‘plein air’ for many years. I really enjoy being in outside in the fresh air doing what I love most and it has given me the opportunity explore new places. It is challenging, exciting, frustrating and rewarding and although not all work is completed or painted on site, every painting is based on the first-hand experience being there. I am thrilled to have been elected the first woman member of the group and to have the opportunity to paint ‘plein air’ with such an esteemed group artists.

In 2005 I became a full member of the Society of Women Artists and won the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award 2005 and Rosemary and Co Award 2011 at their annual Mall Gallery exhibition. I am also a member of their council.

My work has been shown at various galleries and exhibitions including the RSMA and RI and the Society of Graphic Fine Art. I have won various awards including the Derwent Artist Magazine Award at Patching’s in 2005 and 2007.