The Wapping Group of Artists - Est 1939

Joining the Wapping Group as a guest painter or a candidate for membership

We are often asked how you become a member of the Wapping Group, or simply how you can join us for one of our painting days. This should explain most of what you need to know.

To begin with, interested painters join us as guests on one or more of our Wednesday outdoor painting/sketching meetings so that we can get to know each other - and of course, get some sketching or painting done at the same time! The Wapping Group's painting season runs from April to September each year.

If you would like to come along as a guest you should first contact the Secretary who will arrange a suitable day with you. Alternatively, if you know a member personally, please contact that member and ask to come along as that member's guest. We have a rule limiting guests to four such outings with us per season.

Following this get-to-know phase, you can signal your wish to be considered as a Candidate, which in the first instance you do by writing or emailing to the Secretary. This application will be considered by the Committee, and the Secretary will send you full details of how to do this.

If you are available on Wednesdays and would like to join us as a guest this season, please get in touch with us. We do not release our full year's schedule of locations to non-members but if you can suggest a number of dates convenient to yourself we will be in touch to let you know where we will be on those dates.